As If We Never Said Goodbye

Interviewing & Meetings

Master the art of small talk with senior people: comment about a shared experience (weather, sports, weekend); keep it light and general; ask open-ended questions.

Hey, I’m Talking Here

Office Etiquette

Have respect at meetings: put electronics away and turn off sound notifications; if you are expecting an interruption, tell the person in charge in advance; show respect by listening and responding

You Never Tell Me Anything

Interpersonal Relations

What happens when your boss denies you a day off? You’re entitled to some work/life balance: make sure your request and approval for time off is in writing, try to be fair about your plans based on your team’s workflow, be assertive if something really matters to you.

Count the Bad, Over-The-Top, Nonverbal Communication Blunders

Presentations Skills

See Joann mess up during her presentation. Bad stance. Bad hair. Bad facial expressions. Bad gestures. Bad eye contact. Bad body language.

The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave

Interpersonal Relations

What do you do when a coworker won’t leave you alone?  You deserve to work in peace: change the pattern (turn away, stand up, excuse yourself), take or make a call, chat for a minute, then say, “I wish I could chat more, but I have to get this done by noon.”

So, What Do You Recommend???

Presentations Skills

Think strategically for your manager when you’re asked to research options: assess what matters most; come prepared with a recommendation, action plan, and a backup: keep track of all the details

Whose Idea Is It Anyway? When Your Boss Steals Your Idea

Interpersonal Relations

You’re adding value if your boss is taking credit for your ideas: calm down before you confront; document all your ideas in writing; decide whether the battle is worth it.

Don’t Take Your Child To Work Day

Office Etiquette

Take-Your-Child-To-Work Day is not a play-date: arrange for specific activities, teach them to behave respectfully, don’t forget your own professional demeanor

Don’t Follow The Leader: How To Be A Leader At Work

Interpersonal Relations

Leaders aren’t dictators: inspire through actions as well as words, demonstrate trust in your team, listen to others and be flexible

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…: Being Negative at Work

Interpersonal Relations

Check your attitude at the door: don’t alienate people with negativity; consider others’ feelings before you speak; do your homework about different cultures and respect their norms.

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