The Spirits of the Holidays Can Haunt You….


Holiday time means holiday parties with end-of-year relief and merriment. Just remember not to go too far. There’s no greater buzz kill for this festive time than to realize you behaved inappropriately in front of your boss or co-workers the night before.

1. Limit your drinking. You know your limit, right? Keep track.

2. Keep moving at cocktail parties. Everyone knows these parties are for mingling, so don’t feel shy about moving along after ten or fifteen minutes.

3. Be polite to spouses and significant others. Asking about holiday plans is pleasant conversation for anyone you don’t know. Don’t ignore people who are important to the people who are important to you.

4. Choose a departure time in advance. Set your cell phone alarm to remind you of your plan and enable you to make a graceful exit.

That being said, spend time with your friends and family where you can genuinely relax and enjoy the magic of the season without self-consciousness.

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