Reply-To-All HELL


I recently received an email asking everyone on a large distribution list if anyone had a business relationship with a high-level person at a certain organization. Within minutes some stranger emailed me, “No, sorry, I don’t.”

On another occasion, a client hit reply-to-all on an email about a scheduling issue and told several people (including me) that we really better talk to an employee before she speaks to the IRS. Yikes–a bit of an oversight since I shouldn’t have been included on that one.

Then there’s the famous story of a summer intern who thought he was emailing only a buddy about why he hated his job so much. Whoops—the email went to all the senior partners.  Be careful about reply-to-alls:

1. Only use reply-to-all when every member a group needs to know your message,

2. In some instances reply only to the sender and add on a few relevant cc’s,

3. Never use reply-to-alls to say, “Thanks!”, “No problem!,” or “I’ll bring cookies!”

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