Timing is everything…

Interviewing & Meetings

I have been asked to do much more coaching lately, and I’ve been realizing the importance of timing.  If the timing is not right, the coaching will seem unimportant either because it is too soon to be relevant, or too late to make a difference. Imagine you are on a lake in a small boat and the outboard motor fails.  You discover a bag of tools but realize you have no idea about how to use them or what to do.  Think of how happy you would be if someone came by at that time to instruct you.  And think of how dismissive you may have been towards someone who  tried to instruct you right before you left the dock, or how annoyed you may be by someone who tells you what you should have done a week after the breakdown occurs……  So what are good moments for a coaching initiative?  First, when we get a performance evaluation that identifies an opportunity for improvement or a correctable behavior.  If we want to advance, we get a coach to help us out.  Second, when we have an interest in developing a new skill.  Perfect timing for a coach to take us through the steps and give us feedback on the way.  Third, when there is some kind of breakdown or failure:  When we sabotage ourselves and are not living the life of the person we want to be, and things crash to devastating halt.  It is at these moments that our unconscious routines and habits are revealed to us and we can begin to examine our responses and reactions.  What feelings drive our reflexive choices?  After all, everything we do, we learned to do, and we can learn to do differently.

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