Move it on over – Identify Your Transferable Skills

Interviewing & Meetings

A colleague of mine is switching jobs.  Switching careers, actually.  While his resume impressively describes his prior work experience, he is rightly focusing on the concept of “transferable skills.”  For those of you who don’t know this buzz-phrase, those are skills or abilities that can be put to use in a variety of work situations. In other words, what is the broad concept skill that umbrellas your routine tasks.

So, rather than “managed hostage negotiations,” try “expert at diffusing tension and persuading others in highly-charged situations.”  Instead of “made dinners for three children,” try “expert at identifying and satisfying various tastes and interests.”  Not “wrote weekly updates,” but “practiced at information-gathering and concise report writing.”

Few people stay in the same job for years and years like they used to.  Transitioning successfully from job to job, or from career to career, requires identifying our own transferable skills and helping others to recognize them.  You need to make the leap for the resume and cover letter reader, and the interviewer.  They won’t make the connection for you.

Good luck!

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