You always hurt the ones you love

Interpersonal Relations

Maybe we don’t hurt the ones we love intentionally, but we often hurt others through unintentional negligence: we just don’t thank them for the little things they do.  A little appreciation can go a long way.  As a matter of routine, the people you work with may do many small things with great attention, and these things my even fall under the category of being “100% what they are paid to do–why should I thank them?”  We should thank others because hearing an acknowledgment of efforts has many benefits:

1.  Thanking others makes them more mindful of their work.

2.  It boosts a person’s spirits to know that you are noticing the things they do.  It may even motivate them to do extra little things to thank you for thanking them!

3.  The good feeling that comes from being thanked is a feeling they associate with you and your relationship with them.

Although I try to thank others for the help them give me as a matter of routine, I know I fall short.  I unintentionally neglect, and then look to do a big catch up.

Here comes one:  As this new year begins, thank you, dear friends and colleagues, for all the support you have shown to me throughout the years.  I appreciate all you do for me…the things I know about and the things I don’t.

Have a wonderful 2011!

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