Can we talk it through?

Interpersonal Relations

Some people tolerate conflict better than others. I personally don’t like it. I’m happiest when I can talk through tension and misunderstanding and hear the other person’s point of view, and try to put language to my own. But getting to that moment isn’t easy. Both people need to have an interest in reaching understanding and resolution. Feelings of anger and hurt feelings can incline us to retaliate. Retaliation propels the cycle of anger and hurt feelings.
My brother often says “at the end of the day, Jo, you have to look at the man in the mirror.” This is where you ask yourself, and answer honestly: “Did I behave like an adult today? I can’t control anyone else, but did I conduct myself in a way that I am proud of, and can be at peace with?”
If you are honest about your thoughts and feelings, you can build on them and move through them.
So take a deep breath. Pick up the phone or knock on the office door. And think about how you can make things better.

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