Increase Your Value by 50%!


Warren Buffett addressed a gathering of graduate business students at Columbia recently and gave them some guidance and advice. “Improve your communication skills,” he told them, “and you will increase your personal value by 50%.” Of course he knows the importance of effective communication, as well as the value of lots of other stuff. And his advice is consistent with what I hear from students and clients time and time again.

The thing about “communication skills” is that it covers so much. When we hear the phrase “communication skills,” I think many of us immediately think of public speaking, and that’s a big one. But it’s so much more: writing, listening, negotiating, managing meetings, delivering feedback, coaching, managing conflict, and the list goes on and on. In fact, when you try to figure out the pieces, you realize that leadership is mostly about effective communication. Leadership can take a lot of forms, but it all comes down to connecting with others. Leaders build relationships, motivate and inspire. Like Warren Buffett.

Thanks, Mr. Buffett.

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