I’ll Just Blend in with the Wallpaper, Thank You


Team members are encouraged to participate in meetings to demonstrate how they can add value to their teams. Many introverted people I work with, however, struggle with speaking up. While I would never try to change someone’s personality type, I like to remind shy types that aggressive people often make judgments about people’s quiet styles and easily write them off. It’s important, then, to make yourself heard.

Here are some tips for people who’d rather sit in the back row:

1. Set a goal when you go to any meeting to say just two things that you feel will have an impact.

2. Don’t worry if you have not fully thought through a point; state your idea in the meeting and then offer to follow up with a fleshed- out version in an e-mail.

3. During a meeting look for opportunities to demonstrate your listening skills by recapping what people have said.

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