Are Colleagues Facebook-Friend-Worthy?


Some of my clients and colleagues have become Facebook friends, and I’ve learned about more about some of them that I thought I’d ever want to know: Nice bathing suit! Bet that bar really WAS fun! So glad you enjoyed your weekend at home alone with your wife! Ah, if you were a sandwich you’d be a grilled cheese! Good to know!

Social networking sites can be a great tool, and many organizations use them as a way for co-workers to share ideas and stay in touch. However, real-time posts and embarrassing pictures may reveal more about you than your colleagues and boss should know. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend rejecting a friend request from a co-worker or boss, but I’d think carefully about what information you share.

  1. Change your Facebook settings so that you restrict which people can your full profile. Also, edit who can see your wall posts since you can’t control what some of your friends will want to write on your wall.
  2. Watch out for posting strongly worded messages, which could offend your current or future coworkers.
  3. Suggest that your coworkers or boss use LinkedIn, which is used for business networking, instead of Facebook as a way to stay in touch.

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