Bad Email Contest

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Sorry for the long absence, but I thought I’d return with a contest.  Below is an email containing several words and phrases that make me cringe.  Your challenge is to re-write the email so it’s clear and concise.  If you want to have more fun, you can also re-write the email so it’s even worse.  Click on the blog link to submit your posts.

I’ll announce the winners of the best and worst emails in my next blog entry along with my reasons for hating some of the things you see below. Stay tuned for a new video next week.  Good luck!

Subject: Hi Peter!

@Peter- our Sales Department reached out about scheduling a high-level during the November timeframe on premise. Attached is a questionnaire about potential topics which is proprietary in nature.  Please action and advise and don’t hesitate to reach out to Sam and I.

Best Regards,


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