It’s Easy to Criticize


“Harry’s idea is completely inane.”

It’s easy to make strong critical statements like those in meetings or in emails. But are you really helping your client, your manager or your team?

You may feel good about yourself for coming up with a strong and definitive comment. But managers get particularly frustrated when they hear statements like those because 1) you’re not providing a reason for your opinion and 2) you’re not providing a strategic alternative.

So what should you say? Instead of “Harry’s idea is completely inane,” you could say, “I don’t think Harry’s idea about using soda straws to suck up all this loose hair will be very effective because we’d need a lot of straws and we could choke on the hair.”

That’s the first part, giving a reason for your opinion. But don’t just end there; you need to provide a strategic alternative.

How about the following: “I think we should call HairNoMore, which will use a proven method of complete loose hair cleaning. The $59 fee will be well worth the peace of mind. And there is no risk of choking.”

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